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Football Camp Testimonials

We receive so much positive feedback from our campers, parents, coaches, and alumni that we can't fit it all on one page! Below you'll find a few picked at random. Refresh the page to view more.

Football Camp Testimonials

"Mason and myself had a great time at your camp and we do hope and plan on seeing you again. The players in our program have had lots of inquiries about how the camp was. I know Dean and Jesse will be back again also. I think the kids from the Iowa area will be a larger number next year I hope. Mason is already looking forward to seeing some of his friends that he made at camp next year. I also have kept in touch with a couple of my boys that I was in charge of through the camp and am excited to see how their seasons pan out. I am interested also at helping out at camp next season as a coach or counselor wherever there may be room or what could help out. We have started our seasons practice for our league with conditiong all most over and we can put on the pads Tuesday and do some hitting! I think a few of the boys are getting tired of Mason and Jesse telling them that these 2 1/2 hour practices are nothing you should of been at the Green Bay O-D camp if you think this is tough! You can already see the fruits of their labor working as hard as they did at your camp and over the summer. They both seem to be quite a bit ahead of the other players at this point. I was very pleased with the facilities and thought the food we were served was outstanding!"

"I want to thank you all for putting together a Great experience for my son as well as the other children attending the Raleigh Camp. I'm sure things were not as smooth as they seemed, but the staff performed in a professional manner. My son Jalen had a wonderful time as did I, even in the scorching heat.

Training staff was excellent. Trisha was on the ball in an effort to keep the boys pieced together and safe in their activities. Coach Mabry ran a tight ship with very informative meetings and keeping the boys and Coaches on task. My son said he barely noticed I was there, which means the Coaching Staff and Father counselors were very effective in their efforts to teach our boys the game of football.

While I was impressed with the level of football IQ of all the Coaches, I really appreciate Coach Mason, Coach TC, and the other Coaches in that age bracket for how they were able to keep the boys engaged in the activities they were doing. Coach Mason gave Jalen reviews on the things he did well and the things he needs to improve on. As a Pop Warner MM Coach, I was able to gain a few tips to help me this coming season. Jalen and I look forward to many more years of O-D camps as well as the opportunity to play in the All-American game this year.

Milo Weems was very informative in his organizing this staff and how he interacted with parents. From getting out information about upcoming O-D events to how smoothly registration went. I was impressed with his approachabilty and his promptness with information requests. I look forward to working with next years Coaching staff and Milo as we all contribute to the progress of the boys in their quest to be Great Football Players.

Thank You,"

"Just a quick note to advise you of our satisfaction with the OD Camp . Jarrett partipated in the Naperville camp this year and walked away with the confidence and skills that i had hoped he would gain. The coaches gave him one on one time and his big surprise was winning the mvp award which really made his confidence soar . He is having a great season with four touchdowns in 4 games and he keeps coming off the field attributing things he did that he had learned at od camp. Keep up the good work."

"My son originally began at o-d camps in Kansas City, then at Central Missouri for the KC area camp, and finished 3 years at camp at Nashville, all of which were week residence. At the end of his Senior year in 2010 he was an all-state center in Kansas, and was all league and region for 3 years. Because of his height he was recruited primarily by Div 2 and 3 universities, and signed with Emporia State University of the MIAA which is one of 3 premier conferences. His junior and senior red shirt years he started at center, and was named both years as Honorable Mention all-conference. When we were done I asked him to what, other than his work ethic and attitude, he attributed his success to. He replied emphatically "what I was taught at my years at O-D"...I think there no better testimonial than that."

"You should see your Indy location numbers jump significantly with this change.Our organization, Dad's Club, typically sends 8-10 kids each year. I believe that number will at least double. I have been getting a lot of inquiries already about available camps and I have been holding off 'advertising' until I got the final word from you on location. This is very good news, Sal. My sons will likely be attending the Indy camp AND one of the surrounding locations (Cincy, Chi, Nashville, St. Louis) depending on the dates.I appreciate your quick response."

"My Son (Ahmad Black) attended O-D camp and was Best Defense Player there. Now he plays for the Florida Gators as a safety,his first year starting he was selected All-Sec Second Team , also will be playing for the National Championships in College . He won two National High School Championships with Lakeland Dreadnaughts in 2005 & 2006."

"I'm M. B. Brooks and I have been to 5 of your camps over the last 2 years. We have really enjoyed them and plan to attend this coming summer. I will be bringing my youngest son (age 7) with us this year to the Atlanta camp.

I coached my youngest son's Jr. Pee Wee team this year and plan to discuss with the parents O-D. Can you send me some flyers/information that I can use/passout at our team's banquet?

I look forward to seeing you guys again next year."

"I am writing this email to express my appreciation for the NY O-D Camp. My son John, had an amazing time and an unforgettable learning experience. This was his first year and we have already signed him up 2011. The knowledge and dedication of the entire coaching staff is immeasurable. I was extremely happy with the way the whole camp process was run, from check-in on Sunday morning to the bowl game on Wednesday evening.

During the O-D Bowl game, John had the opportunity to be interviewed by you twice that night. His first interview was when he caught two interceptions and the second was his one handed catch for a touchdown in the end zone. The entire crowd including myself and several coaches roared with excited. Undoubtedly a catch that was taught at the clinic/camp."

"Back in 2007, my son had finished his first year of high school football in the Winnipeg High School Football League (in Canada) and was looking forward to grade 11.He enjoyed some success that year as his team made it to the championship game. My wife and I decided for my son to develop as an athlete in the sport of Football, which he really loved, he needed to go where the sport has a very high social priority and he could be immersed in the culture that develops the best players in the world. I researched many camps - after all, this was a significant decision for us and would not come without similar costs. After all the research, we chose to send him to the O-D camp in San Diego, CA. We registered him as a sleep-away camper and we would let the Pro's coach him on the field and let the culture of his fellow athletes help develop his respect for the game and its players off the field.

We checked in on him a couple times a day (in between taking in the Zoo and other fabulous venues around San Diego!) and I took pictures and video-taped drills - it was a really exciting time for us as a family - sometimes I just had to sit back and remind myself where we were, at QualComm field watching my own son play football - amazing. My son was changing, we saw it in him every day, he spoke a little different, he played really, really hard - you need full contact to bring out the coaching points you need to teach, and that was very evident in my sons progression. He attended the specialty clinics, and was well liked by the coaches and players; he made many friends there that he is still in contact with. In fact, at registration on day 1, Coach Sanchez - whom I've never seen in my life, but will never forget - looks over at me and my CFL hat that I was wearing: "Blue Bombers?" he said rather loudly "Blue Bombers! Are you from Winnipeg?" - Well, I was blown away, my son was as well! It turned out he coached the Running Back for the Bombers, a CFL all-star, rushing and TD leader and very popular back home, and then Coach Sanchez pulled out his phone and called him up, and gave the phone to my son! It was amazing, truly unbelievable! At the end of camp, during closing ceremonies, as if this trip couldn't get any better, it did: they called my son's name for the MVP award!

In the parking lot after camp was over, a couple coaches came up to us as we were packing up and told us how special he was and that he had a bright future no matter what he chose to do. That has never happened before, or since. The enthusiasm and positive atmosphere created by the Coaches and Volunteers alike was more than we could hope for. Can a Parent be any prouder? Has anybody ever gotten a better return on any investment? I don't think so!

After we got home -just over 9000 miles and almost 3 weeks on the road, my son headed to pre-season camp and tore it up that year, being scouted by a few top Canadian schools and even a D1 school from the US! His coaches were impressed; his team mates were as well. Then, I have to say, something that I had never even thought of began to happen; something even more special to me and my wife. You see I coach youth football - but I never played the game myself. When my oldest wanted to play it was a totally new experience for me. But the following our return, when I was coaching his younger brother's team, my oldest would come and help out - and he started to teach the kids, and me and all the other coaches, aspects of the game none of us had ever seen. I would ask him "where's that from?" is that legal!?" he would answer "It's what I was taught at O-D". It was nothing you can read in a book, it's the small tips, the details that make a player 'make plays'. Alignment tips, hand position tips, recovery tricks, the list goes on.

It became clear only after we had returned from San Diego, that was the reason we sent him, to stay with the kids at SDSU, that is the Football Culture you can't teach, but is abundantly provided to experience and learn from at the O-D camp. He helped us go all the way that year, and he's had an impact on every team I have coached since, because I can teach those details now that he has taught me- in fact even though he has moved out and living his own life now, he still helps his little brothers, who are outstanding football players now at age 13 and 15, earning team MVP honours multiple times. He still keeps his most treasured trophy, the MVP Football he got from O-D. My wife and I made an agreement that we would try to send his two younger brothers to O-D when they start High school football as well. I have to say that time in our lives has been the brightest point for a very long time. The global recession hit everybody hard shortly after, I lost my job as did millions of other people. We talk often of the time in San Diego and the O-D Camp.

"The gift that keeps giving" sometimes seems cliche, but it is so true when we talk about O-D, its that "Return on Investment" I mentioned - O-D still pays Dividends, and hundreds of kids in our community have received them. We will get back to O-D for our younger 2 boys, we tried to plan for it the past 3 years, but it just has not been possible. We are planning to make the trip again next year, as we want to bring the latest additions to our family and I hope they will be next in our own little O-D Football legacy. The Memories, joy and fulfilment my family has experienced through the O-D football camp is priceless in every sense of the word.

With my most sincere gratitude, Thank you.

"My son and I consider it a privledge for him to have been able to attend the O-D Camp at TSU in Nashville, TN, June, 2014. We want to express our sincere gratitude to all those who helped make that camp so terrific. Austin was able to gain greater insight and understanding of what it takes to excel in a sport. The coaching/training he received has helped him improve as a player and as a person - he has gained confidence through hard work, practice, and commitment. Thank you to all the Coaches and Mr. Mabry for all your dedication to youth football and the inspiration you instilled in Austin."

"I wanted to let you know that 7 campers from your June San Francisco camp, 11-13 age group, were part of the undefeated 2008 T-Bird Turkey Bowl Championship. team. They had a 12 - 0 record with 9 shut outs over the season. They finished with a shut out over their rival team Clayton Valley who beat them last year in the Turkey Bowl.

My son loves your camp and I know the other T-Birds that joined him this year had the same great experience. O-D builds players."

"I was a father counselor at the Pittsburgh camp last year. Remember me? Anyhow, Brandon enjoyed himself so much that we are already signed up for next year. We are going to attend the Baltimore camp . . . it's only 2-1/2 hours from our house as opposed to 4-1/2 hours to Pittsburgh. I am going to sign up again to be a father counselor. I've already talked to several other fathers from our home town about their sons . . .

Thanks again for the great experience I was able to have with my son at camp."

"I would like to thank the entire coaching staff for a great job well done. This past summer my 13 year old son attended the Austin, TX. camp for the first time and had an outstanding week. He learned and conditioned his football skills and most of all made him a stronger leader for his new football team. He now plays starting quarterback and defensive linebacker for his new team and enjoys playing both position.

As a parent, I want to thank the organization for the scholarship that he received and will definitely see you guys next summer."

"Camp was great. It was a very hard adjustment for him and he called wanting to come home the first day, but once he got to know the boys and got into the rhythm he loved it. Very hard for a boy of 10, but really boosted his self esteem.

At this point, we will try to do it again next year if we can afford it."

"I would like to take a moment to thank you for the excellent experience that our son, Ryan had at your Kansas City Camp. I would like to specifically mention Coach Bryant, and the Head Coach from Arkansas, I apologize as his name escapes me. This was Ryan's fourth year attending your camp and I have already enrolled him in camp for next year. When we first went to our O-D Camp, the head coach stood up and addressed the boys and the parents and said words to the effect "We will focus on making your sons better men, better team mates and finally better football players." After four years of camps, I am so pleased that you have stayed true to your core values. The head coach from Arkansas outlined these tenants in his opening speech, much like the one we heard four years ago. This philosophy was demonstrated repeatedly by Coach Bryant and staff. It was an absolute pleasure this year. I really also liked how the Head Coach talked to the boys, not so much about playing in the NFL, but by using football as a media in which to pay for college. As a parent, I do not hold out hope that my son will play in the NFL, but being pragmatic, I would like to see my boy play in college.

Thank you for an outstanding experience"


"He is absolutely loving it. He has learned a lot. He really enjoyed meeting the NFL pro's and all the coaches for the week. He was thrilled to see Ray Lewis from the Baltimore Ravens (that's his and dad's fav team). It has been a great experience for him and his football goals. He wants to come back next year as an overnight camper and I have been really impressed with the program. I'm sure TJ will become a regular at the Raleigh, NC camp if you continue to bring it to us!! Thanks so much for the wonderful experience.

Way to go everyone!"

"Thanks you so much for helping me with my situation. It is very refreshing to deal with a person who truly understand the meaning of customer services. Keith is very excited about starting camp. Thanks so must and may the lord truly bless you."

"Thank you for the e-mail. My son and I attended the camp in Miami at FIU. He enjoyed every minute of it. His interactions with the coaches was all that he could ask for. Please give a special thanks to Coach Sherman. Erik is 12 but was moved up to the junior age group and still received a Player of the Week award. The personal encouragement from Coach Sherman really made a difference. He is looking forward to our season and talking about attending the camp next year."

"To whom it may concern, as I stated on my phone call just now to you all, I just wanted to thank Milo and his Team for a great or awesome experience my boys have had at the Houston camp. The coaching and teaching of skills and life lessons was wonderful, the camp was tough but extremely rewarding.

I was impressed that Milo and all the coaches are approachable and extremely personable, I will definitely have my 2 boys in your camp next year."

"Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much we appreciate O-D. According to Maxpreps, Micheal is ranked #1 in tackles so far this season in Texas and #12 in the country. Micheal has attended OD since he was 10 years old and he's now a Junior at Irving HS.

As Micheal gets older, the things he's learned at O-D become more valuable. He's more aware of the competition and keeps his feet on solid ground because he knows there is always something else he should learn in order to be a better player.

We look forward to seeing you all again next summer as he enters his Senior year. Please pass on our thanks to the coaches who worked with Mike at Select Camp in Dallas this last summer."

"I just wanted to say thank you for all you did for the youth all american bowl. My son Zach had the best experience ever and has committed to work even harder so he can hopefully qualify again next year. Often satisfied parents don't say anything while difficult parents tend to be more vocal- please realize how much we appreciated all of your efforts.

Again this was an awesome opportunity and I am grateful to the entire O-D family and proud my son is a part of it."

"Just wanted to thank Coach Mabry and his staff for an outstanding camp in Tampa this year. We were first time campers with O-D, our son wanted to overnight at a full contact camp. We traveled from Houston, Texas to attend the Tampa camp and would travel anywhere Coach Mabry is leading the camp. Our son gained valuable teaching, experience and confidence during his experience. Coach Mabry's ability to focus so much personal attention to that many players was a testament to his passion for the game and his desire to help every player develop.

At the conclusion to the camp our son told us to sign him up for next years camp, which we did and with this season underway he has shown marked improvement in his positions, can't wait to see him in camp this summer."

"My 9 year old son, Parker, attended the OD Camp in Chicago, IL. He had a wonderful time and the coaches were TOP NOTCH!! We were thrilled with his experience and can't wait for next year!

Football Season just got underway for Parker here in South Elgin, IL. This is Parker's 4th season playing and the second season with the same coach. The coach came to my husband and I last night and told us he was blown away by Parker. He said he sees so much more confidence in him since last season, his technique was awesome, his burst speed improved and his tackling is STELLAR....there was not a kid that got past him last night and he put a hurt on kids that had a good 20 pounds on him! The only difference from last year is that he attended your camp! My husband and I both agree that your camp gave him much improved technique and confidence. We not only will be back (we will be seeing y'all for the bowl game at New Years) next year, but we are going to recommend you to all our FOOTBALL FRIENDS!!!

Please thank the coaches and staff for us! See y'all at the O-D bowl!"

"I had sent my son Nik to this camp at Radnor College camp outside of Philadelphia. He was 12 years old just turned 13 on the 4th of July and all I can say is what a difference in his personal attitude it made. He has changed for the better and he learned a lot! Aside from the home sickness this was a fantastic camp for him, the only wish is that the enrollment was larger so he could have had more of a chance to practice with more kids his age and size. He learned a lot from the older kids and said how helpful and patient that they were and that the coaches were very good.

I look forward to sending him again next year either to that camp or one in Hamilton NJ. Thanks for the chance to let me email you and let you know how impressed I was with the caliber of the coaches and the way they dealt with the kids! This was the very first time I have ever seen my son truly worn out physically and he enjoyed every minute of it! You guys run a class camp and I look forward to sending my son next year!"

"We look forward to Camp this summer, and can not Thank OD enough for the development of my son John through the many years of attending OD camp from the instruction and coaching.

My son John, will be a Senior in High School this fall and this will be his final year of camp at OD unfortunately, after 5years of attending camp this will be the 6th year in a row - and the one that will have the most meaning.

Maybe OD should single out - or do something special or recognize for those @ camp that will be making it there final year because they are seniors, and are not able to attend any more.

Because of OD, and the caliber of coaching he has received from OD, he has played at the Varsity High School level since he was a Sophomore - Last year @ OD camp had a goal and a mission in wanting receive the distinguished OD Camp Most Outstanding Player for Offensive & Defensive line, and at the end of the camp in 2007 - he was awarded just that ! ( Hopefully ) he can do it again !

The main reason for my communication is to let all of you @ OD know how grateful we are for the influence you have made in his performance as well as confidence. I also wanted to know if there was anything additional you offer, that he can attend in addition to the regular OD camp - that he can participate in to extend his knowledge and expierence.

Again this will be his final year, and we wanted to get the very most of everything, being this will be his Senior year - preparing him for college and any opportunities they may come along to continue playing Football at the college level - possably. For the most part preparing him for his Senior year is most important, as we will take one step at a time, and whatever comes from that , evaluate it at that time as it comes.

Again, Thank you again OD, it has been some outstanding years being part of a great organization, and have talked to everyone I know about the expierence and highly recommend your program.

We will never forget where we came from, and I know from the years past , there was never a year that my son did not ask me, If I had signed him yet ! As he looked forward to it every year - and he and I will miss it !

We look forward to seeing you at OD Tampa camp!"

"I just can't thank you and your O-D staff and coaches enough for helping my son, Fabian, develop into a fine football player. His fundamentals on both sides of the ball are a noticeable step ahead of his competitors thanks to you folks.

Because of O-D football, Fabian absolutely dominated in his Junior Varsity high school season, not only on defense but also at the running back position of all things, to help his team 3peat, culminating in a 5 touchdown 348 yard performance in his Regional Championship and a 3 touchdown, 203 yard performance in the Central Bowl victory the following week."

"Wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to you and all of the O-D staff.

Anthony had a fantastic time at all 3 O-D camps that he attended. Just as we were told, once he stepped foot back on his high school football field is when he - and his coaches - noticed the difference that O-D camps made in Anthony as an athlete. This week is their 2 a day practices. He is at football practice from 7AM - 6PM with a couple hours for lunch and a break in the middle of the day. In the past, Anthony thought that the "2 a day" week was really a tough week. After O-D camps, he is amazed at how well prepared and conditioned his is this year compared to years past.

There are a couple of other big changes that are directly related to O-D camps. Last Friday, the day after we got home from Elite camp, was a training day for our high school team. Anthony ran his 40 in 4.81. He also ran the 800 in 2.49. For a 225 lb lineman, the coaches were pretty happy. They also noticed that his fundamentals had improved greatly.

Anthony has been a starting offensive lineman the last 2 years. His hope was to play more defense. At the O-D camps, all the coaches were telling him he should be a defensive end or tackle. They all seemed to have conversations with him about his potential as a running back. Apparently his high school coaches noticed the same things after his training with O-D. Without Anthony saying a word, they moved him to tackle. Even more amazing, Anthony practiced at running back today.

I can't express to you and the rest of the staff how much we appreciate all that you do. Without the camp experiences, training, and coaching, Anthony would not have had the same opportunities. His coaches also commented today on how fast he was learning anything and everything new they were teaching him. He told them it was because of the O-D camps, "You just learn to pick it up fast at O-D".

We'll be sending along film soon. Our first game is going to be played at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Should be a great day for game footage."

"I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the Tampa camp. Coach Mabry and the entire staff was outstanding! The camp and each session started promptly and the instruction and coaching from everyone was superlative. Coach Mabry was quite strict and his style was exactly what my 10 year old son and all of the campers needed. What was equally and perhaps more impressive was Coach Mabry's obvious and sincere care and love for the kids. He was very hard when the situation called for it and likewise compassionate when necessary. The same traits were displayed by each member of his staff. I was on the sideline every day and this approach was consistent from the opening to the closing whistle.

Thank-you for a great camp!"

"I just wanted to pass along our families experience with Tampa OD Camp. Our son, Donovan, was a first time camper this year. He is 8 years old and we felt that OD camp based on friends recommendations was the place to go to help him develop and mature as a person and a player. I have to say that our experience was completely positive. Coach Mabry, JP and the entire staff were total professionals top to bottom. The depth of playing and coaching experience was second to none. I think people get to caught up in the whole NFL / Major College high profile coaches and players. This camp certainly had those high profile backgrounds but it also had a great mix of high school and small college coaches that had as much impact as any of the others.

So many of our kids will end up at Division 2 and 3 colleges as students and I believe having that element of coaching and personal experience is a critical piece of what makes OD camp so impactful. The OD staff is a great group from every corner of the country and every walk of life. Our son walked away from camp not only a better player but a better teammate. Intensity, attention to detail, understanding, empathy, really describe the entire camp staff and experience. We have told many of our friends that we would like to get a group of players from our youth football league to go together next year. It is worth every penny you will invest your son.

We really wanted to just say thank you to the entire group. I honestly have no criticisms it was an experience we will carry for a lifetime. I would like some information on being a father counselor next year. We want to take our experience to the next level and make a father / son getaway. I don't know what athletically my son will accomplish in his life but I know that structured camps focused on accountability, responsibility and discipline, like OD, will be applicable in everything he does as a human being. "